I Ching: Navigating Change

A new translation evolved out of Stephen Karcher's teaching workshops. Published by Guideways Publications.

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Stephen Karcher, Ph.D., is one of today's most creative and controversial writers and practitioners in the field of Yijing studies, divination and myth. Navigating Change is a new text that has evolved out of Stephen's teaching workshops, and it is loosely based on several of his works. This new text is not yet in print.

"I've done a lot of new work in a format much like How to Use the I Ching. In trying this material out in a 3 day teaching workshop, I found that people wanted and gravitated to what is called the Myths for Change in Total I Ching. So I also produced a condensed version in the Story of the Time, for each Navigating Change hexagram."

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© 2011 by Stephen Karcher. Used with permission.

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