What's new in Yi Jing

The depth, polish, and sincerity of this app are unparalleled. I cannot imagine a better implementation, and I'm impressed by the way it has stayed updated to current machine specs and layout. Very good.

I use this app every day. As a long term daily student of I Ching, I dreamed of an app like this. It does everything, and in an elegant way. Thank you so much.

New features in version 4.1

  • A new Manage Journal feature that enables you to export and import the journal with cloud services such as iCloud Drive.

New features in version 4

  • A new streamlined interface, designed for iOS 7 and 8.
  • Support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
  • A Search field for finding phrases in the current book.
  • A hexagram lookup table to Book index page. Sort hexagrams by King Wen, Fu Xi, Wilhelm or Mandala sequences.
  • A trigram lookup table to Book trigram pages. Tap the trigram image to view. Sort trigrams by Earlier Heaven or Later Heaven sequences.

  • A new pre-installed translation, “The I Ching Oracle” by Nigel Richmond, and a new free download translation, “Navigating Lines” by Nigel Richmond.

  • Added back “The I Ching or Book of Changes” by Richard Wilhelm, translated by Cary F. Baynes, Book I, II and III, each for additional in-app purchase. Now available everywhere, worldwide.
  • Redesigned the journal Passcode feature for improved ease of use. It does not lock the entire screen, and instead hides all journal text, with a Lock icon that brings up the unlock screen.

New features in version 3.1

New features in version 3.0

  • Journal syncing between multiple devices through iCloud [requires iOS 6 or later]
  • Twitter integration
  • New introduction for the default book translation
  • Russian (Русский) translation and localization
  • Improved Portuguese (Português) translation
  • Dynamically sizing journal shows more of your journal entries
  • Multiple selection in journal list with Delete and Set Category options
  • I Ching Mandala oracle method (designed by Michael Tingle)
  • Manual input oracle method allows for setting date and time independently
  • Tutorial for new users
  • Store detail view with book description and link to book's Image Gallery
  • Info buttons to Question Oracle Methods and Hexagram and Line popups that take you directly to specific books describing more advanced aspects (some books require additional in-app purchase)
  • Undo individual lines when using Manual Input method
  • Set date and time independently when using Manual Input method

Especially for iPhone

  • Takes advantage of iPhone 5's taller display
  • Hexagram inspector adds Cycle of Seasons (by Stephen Karcher)

Especially for iPad

  • Retina Display support for the new iPad
  • Reorganized controls with Question, Book and Library always at the top
  • Book tap to move one page left or right replaced with swipe left or right
  • Printable Journal Reading Matrix in the Actions popover (designed by Stephen Karcher)
  • Book style and font size adjustable when Book is fully expanded

Book enhancements

  • Added new sections describing Cycle of Seasons and Reading Matrix to "Navigating Change" by Stephen Karcher
  • Journal Changes now shows "Significance" lines text when "The Complete I Ching" by Taoist Master Alfred Huang is the current book

New system requirements

iOS 5 or later, on iPhone 3GS, 4, 4s and 5 or newer, iPod touch 3rd generation or newer, and all iPads.

iOS updates often contain new features and stability improvements for apps. Updating to the most recent iOS update for your device is strongly recommended.

What's new or changed in the Settings app's Yi Jing settings

  • Quick Method option added 1 Changing Line, guarantees only one changing line
  • Book style options for Modern "•" or Classic "xo"
  • Font size for Small, Medium, Large
  • Use iCloud—turn off iCloud syncing if you are having problems with the journal
  • Export Format options for HTML or Tab-delimited
  • Show Changes controls how many changing lines to show
    • All shows all changing lines (bottom to top)
    • First only shows only the first changing line
    • Master Yin shows only one changing line (based on the method described in "The Complete I Ching" by Taoist Master Alfred Huang)
    • Modified Zhu Xi shows only one changing line (based on Zhu Xi method described on Yijing Dao's How to Consult the Yijing by Joel Biroco)

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