Yi Jing - Book of Changes

Ancient meets modern! I Ching, the Book of Changes, is re-crafted to take advantage of the unique features of your mobile device. Deal with life’s challenges more meaningfully. Tap into your inner self. Multiple translations…  

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The depth, polish, and sincerity of this app are unparalleled. I cannot imagine a better implementation, and I'm impressed by the way it has stayed updated to current machine specs and layout. Very good.

Ask questions

  • Enter a question or phrase
  • Toss coins by shaking
  • Or use yarrow stalks
  • Or use manual line input
  • Or use the Quick option

Manage a journal

  • Browse by topic, hexagram, date
  • Search by keyword
  • Present, Changes and Future
  • Add your own notes
  • Mail or copy journal entries 

Browse the books

  • Multiple translations ➔
  • Chinese with Pinyin phonetics
  • King Wen Hexagram numbers
  • Component Trigrams
  • Ruling Lines
  • Related Hexagrams

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App Store Staff Selection in May 2009 and in September 2011!

What customers are saying…

Versatile, effective, beautiful... perfect implementation....

...a great non-sexist translation relating to modern realities but keeping ancient meanings in mind... top notch, professional....

...allows me to use it whenever I need to, and in whatever situation I am in. Highly recommended!

I like that the makers obviously understand the I Ching; I don’t think this is true of everyone who makes an I Ching app.

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