Taoist I Ching

Gia-Fu Feng's Taoist translation of the 1716 Yi at Stillpoint with Frank R. Kegan.

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Gia-Fu was a true Chinese and a natural born Taoist who revered the I Ching as a Chinese Classic. He worked on translations of Taoist texts with the Stillpoint community. Frank R. Kegan brought to Stillpoint his experience with the Oracle of the I Ching and his involvement as a professional astrologer in his community back in Chicago. Gia-Fu took refuge in their work on the Taoist Translation of the I Ching from the chaos of American culture. By the end of summer 1974, their work on the I Ching was complete and Frank retired from Stillpoint with their unpublished manuscript in its Kinko’s copy shop paper bag until now.


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