The I Ching Oracle

A masterly modern approach to the original I Ching imagery by Nigel Richmond.

Included with the app!

“Two very good books on the I Ching have been out of print for a long time, and will not have been seen by many people consulting the Book of Changes today. One, 'Language of the Lines' by Nigel Richmond, was published in 1977 by Wildwood House and has never been reprinted; the other, also by Richmond, is 'The I Ching Oracle', an A4 comb-bound book published by the author himself in 1985. Two further editions of the latter work were published, but it was a very small-scale affair and probably no more than a couple of hundred copies in total of all the editions of the second book were ever put into circulation.

“Here Richmond has re-interpreted his own approach [from Language of The Lines], expanded it, and tied it closer to the original Chinese imagery. Richmond has the knack of hitting the nail squarely on the head when the book is used in consultation, his work has a Zen-like simplicity and 'cutting through' quality.”—Joel Biroco, Yijing Dao

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