Can I sync my journal between devices?

The Yi Jing app supports automatic syncing of your journal across all of your devices,

For syncing to work, both devices must have iCloud enabled, and also have "Use iCloud" turned on for the Yi Jing app on each device. First, confirm that iCloud is turned on. Open the Settings app, tap iCloud and confirm that the Account that appears there is the same on both devices. Then return to the top level in the Settings app and scroll down until you see Yi Jing listed. Tap Yi Jing then confirm that "Use iCloud" is set to "ON" under "Journal options".

When iCloud is turned off, a separate journal is used on your device. If iCloud is turned on again, that separate journal will be merged with the journal used for syncing through iCloud.

You may encounter one or more issues with iCloud syncing. If this is the case for you, see the sections below for details.

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