The text appears to be very different after updating. Did the text change?

If you are noticing that the text in the Journal or Book appears to be very different from a previous update, it is likely that a different book translation was inadvertently selected in the Library. To switch back to the text you are familiar with, or back to the default translation:

  1. Tap the Library icon  library
  2. Tap to select the translation you prefer
  3. Return to the Journal or Book, and the selected translation's text will appear there

If you are noticing that the text changed from a previous in-app purchase after upgrading to a new device, see the section below on restoring in-app purchases.

The default translation since version 1 is "Yi Jing" by Brian Arnold, and its core hexagram and lines text remains unchanged. To learn more about other translations that are available in the Library and for additional in-app purchase in the Store, see the Books page.

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